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Database Solutions for Your Company

Paltiel Inc. has been producing database solutions since 1985. We started in the DOS world with dBase III and Clipper. Eventually we moved into Windows and Object Oriented programming with Visual FoxPro for desktop and internet/intranet applications..

At Paltiel Inc we learn how YOUR company works, and how YOUR job can be simplified. Ask us to review and upgrade your existing software. or suggest new programs to ease your workload. Our library of tested modules allows us to complete applications quickly, reducing both time and cost.

Our software is managing information for businesses of every size and for several government offices. See our Clients page for details about projects we have completed successfully. The list below shows the wide range of projects we have completed successfully

  • Contact Management software for a fulfillment company Tracks leads, technical support calls and other inquiries about multiple products.
  • Quality Assurance program for Silicon Valley manufacturers. Defects found in both incoming material and finished products are tracked. Ad hoc reporting and statistics available.
  • Security software. This program compiles summaries and details of incidents. Attachments for outside reports (police, fire, ambulance) available. Can be scaled from small one-site offices to nationwide, multi-site corporations.
  • Medical Data storage and retrieval Several programs handling medical data for different statistical purposes. Used for producing statistics for papers on different techniques and results, for reporting to licensing bureaus, etc.
  • Foster Children Program tracks placements of all foster children in a large California county. Reports and graphs available for hundreds of variables concerning health, length of stay in foster care, parental factors, etc. Statistical comparisons by month and year are available in table or graphical form.