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Visual Fox User Group

The VFUG is an international FoxPro user group on line around the clock, 7 days a-week.

VFUG is a not for profit organization for FoxPro/Visual FoxPro enthusiatics; A place to exchange views/info/tips, a place where you can find answers to your questions from FoxPro experts and developer from all over the world. VFUG empowers the FoxPro community and serves as a main repository for FoxPro "know-how".

Universal Thread The Universal Thread is a web site which provides a wide range of services including multiple forums of threaded messages, files to download interviews and more.
Fox Wiki The Fox Wiki is a free repository of information on all aspects of Visual Foxpro. Each topic can be edited and updated by anyone.
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Page Home page for Microsoft's best programming tool.
Association of Database Developers The Association of Database Developers holds monthly meetings at various locations in downtown San Francisco. We currently host meetings for FoxPro/VFP, SQL Server and Special Topics.
Pierre Frontage The story of an unsung American Hero.